Interior Solutions HO is in the service industry in market from past 13 years. Major specialization of company – Turnkey executions, Bespoke Interiors, Residential Turnkey Interiors, Constructions, Elevation Designs and Executions, Aluminum composite and structural glazing for commercials and landscape Designs.


Company is establishing a rental workshop with 8000Sq Ft, with latest machines and tool equipments for customization with International Standard Quality for customized Furniture for all sources of workmanship and foremen. For complete Customization – (1) Modular furniture, (2) Steel fabrication, (3) Glass fabrication, (4) Artistic Artifact Customization, (5) Duco and Polish workshop, (6) Engraving wood work, (7) Customized Furniture, (8) International Standard Quality Customization of sofa and couch, (9) Construction and (10) Renovation.


This will transform the company costing from existing 10% margin to 25% margin, cutting down third party source costing. With total in-house workmanship, in future we are in process of four more workshops in Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai and Delhi. The existing project cost is worth around Rupees Three Crores, our existing monthly turnover is Rs. 70 to 90 Lakhs. After the establishment of workshop, the companies monthly proposed turnover is Rs. 1.5 to Rs. 2 Crores.


We are looking for six investors with investment of Rs. 25, 00,000/- (TWENTY FIVE LAKHS RUPEES) each.


Company is likely to establish E – Commerce site like Pepperfry and urbanladder, after the establishment of four more workshops in four different cities. With total 500 customized products launch under the patent trademark branded “LE DESINO”.


This document serves as a binding contract between Mr. Haroon Sohail, the Chief of Interior Solutions and the Investor. Whereas the Company is seeking an investment and the Investor is willing to fund the Company, therefore both parties agree to the following conditions:

The Investor will invest Rs. 25, 00,000 (TWENTY FIVE LAKHS RUPEES ONLY) for duration of 3 years. For {his/her} investment, the Investor will receive RETURNS of Rs. 1, 00,000/- (ONE LAKH RUPEES ONLY) on monthly basis on 10th of every month. The funds will be directly deposited into {receiving bank name/account/details}.


Memorandum of Understanding will be entered on Rs. 500/- stamp paper from our company legal panel and companies current account cheques will be issued as security till the tenure of the contract.


This contract is valid and legally binding from {date} to {date}, or until the Investor receives the agreed upon ROI amount of {amount}. Both the parties can renew the Agreement on mutual understanding for a further period as agreed between them.


  • If the Investor intends to terminate the Agreement, a prior notice of 6 months in written should be given.
  • If the Company intends to terminate the Agreement, the same notice period will be applicable.


  • The Agreement shall be properly implemented upon execution by both the parties. If there arises any dispute or either party breaches the Agreement, both parties should sort out the problems amicably.  If either party is not satisfied with the result of the settlement, the matter should be brought to the courts within the jurisdiction of the twin cities.
  • The Agreement is subject to all regulations/laws of the Government. If one or some of the above terms and conditions in this Agreement violate or not in line with the Government laws, other terms and conditions are still valid to execute. Those clauses which violate or not in line with regulations of the Government shall be subject to modification by both the parties with prior intimation.


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